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If you’re looking for an Extremadura travel expert, I’ll be happy to hear from you. But before reaching out, keep reading and make sure that what you have in mind is something I actually do and offer. This will help us both start on the same page and avoid wasting both your time and mine.

Note that I do not

• place third-party content (guest posts, sponsored posts, infographics, press releases) on the blog;
• accept link placements;
• casually include a mention to companies or products in my articles;
• participate in link exchanges;
• participate in content exchanges;
• review products or services for free or for exposure.

Please do not contact me with any of the above or similar suggestions.

About me

My name is Irene (pronounced /ee-REH-neh/).

Born and raised in Extremadura, I lived in Alburquerque, Trujillo, Jaraíz de la Vera, and Don Benito. I studied Translation and Interpreting (English, Russian, and French) in Granada, got itchy feet, and moved abroad for good.

My past work experience included roles in customer service, account management, sales, content marketing, and translation. I worked as an in-house Spanish travel content writer and editor for and Hostelworld. I also worked as a freelance content writer and translator for momondo and KAYAK for over seven years. In 2014, I started the travel blog Piggy Traveller (no longer active) and I have been writing about my home region of Extremadura since.

Irene Corchado in Montemolín

Now based in Scotland and regularly travelling to Extremadura, I divide my time between two separate activities:

ICR Translations, my Spanish sworn and legal translation business. My work focuses on sworn (certified) translation and legal translation (succession, incapacity, immigration and family law). I specialise in cross-border succession matters and I hold wills and succession-related qualifications in three jurisdictions (England and Wales, Spain, and Scotland). My clients include legal firms, Notaries Public, legal service providers and private individuals.

Travel Extremadura, a travel website offering ideas, tips and practical information to help international travellers and foreign residents in Spain plan an independent trip to Extremadura.

Why work with me

I'm from Extremadura

As a local, I have the sort of deep cultural knowledge international travellers look for. I’m also proud of my origins and passionate about exploring and sharing where I come from.

I travel as an international visitor

As a resident in Scotland, I travel from abroad and experience the journeys to and from Extremadura as my main audience would.

I speak my audience’s language

English is my language of habitual use. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough. I can write original content in English of a pretty decent quality which native speakers actually read.

I understand my audience’s culture

I’ve lived in the UK (England and Scotland) for over twelve years and I’m married to a Scot. I’m fully immersed in the culture and I know how to best present Extremadura as a travel destination before a UK audience.

I’m a great observer

My translation background explains my inquisitive nature (or vice versa?) and my readiness to analyse, compare and translate words, customs and behaviours around me. When I travel, I pick up on little details that often go unnoticed for others, which injects personality into my content.

How we can work together

At the moment I’m open to the following types of collaboration:

Blog writing. I can create original Extremadura-related articles for your company blog. Two blog writing packages available.

Fact-checking. I can fact-check Extremadura content (written in English or Spanish) for travel guides and publications.

Please note that I do not fact-check, review or proofread AI-generated or machine-translated content.

Previous collaborations

Over the years, I have collaborated with a number of companies and organisations as a blogger, writer and fact-checker of Extremadura-related content.

Here’s a selection of my writing work:

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain, for Expatica
Una de romanos: recorriendo la Vía de la Plata, for Hostelworld
• Fact-checking the chapters on Extremadura, Travellers’ Needs, Survival Guide and Phrasebook of the 2017/2018 DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Spain
Ocho propuestas para disfrutar del turismo de naturaleza en Extremadura, for Vacaciones-Españ (in Spanish)
• Contributing the Valle del Jerte and La Vera chapters to the ebook El norte de Extremadura a través de sus blogueros, for HomeAway and Extremadura Turismo (in Spanish)
• Contributing the Extremadura chapter to the book Wild Swimming Spain
A Fala: Spain’s Secret Language You Never Knew Existed, for Culture Trip

Contact me

If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch by email: irene[at]travelextremadura[dot]com.

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