Contact me

If you want to contact Travel Extremadura, please do so by using the communication channel assigned to your type of query, as per below.

General questions about travelling to Extremadura

For general questions about travelling to Extremadura, write a comment on an article relevant to the destination or topic in question. (You can use the search box on the main menu). I only reply to general questions on the blog so that everyone can benefit from the answers and to give other travellers the chance to share their views.

Travel chitchat

Social media is the best place for general Extremadura travel chitchat. That’s where I regularly share inspirational, entertaining and curious content about Extremadura and where you can share your travel anecdotes. Find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Working on Extremadura-related projects

Examples of projects commissioned in the past include writing blog posts for a travel company, contributing a chapter on wild swimming spots in Extremadura to a book, and fact-checking several chapters of a travel guide for a major publisher.

If you’re interested in working with me on similar projects, read my Work with me page and get in touch by email.

Other collaborations

Before getting in touch by email regarding a collaboration, please read my Work with me page and make sure that what you have in mind is something I do.

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