Extremadura destinations guide

Extremadura region

Extremadura is a landlocked region located in central-western mainland Spain. It borders Portugal to the west, Castilla y León to the north, Castilla-La Mancha to the east, and Andalucía to the south. Its capital city is Mérida.

With a total area of 41,634 square kilometres, Extremadura is Spain’s fifth largest region (out of seventeen); it compares in size to Switzerland, with Extremadura being slightly bigger. It has a population of just over one million, which makes it Spain’s fifth least populated region. It’s also Spain’s second most sparsely populated region.

Extremadura's location on a map of Spain, including provinces.

Extremadura provinces

Extremadura has two provinces: Cáceres to the north and Badajoz to the south. Mérida, its capital city, is located in Badajoz province.

Cáceres is Spain’s second largest province. Its capital, also called Cáceres, is a World Heritage City with a population of over 95,000. Other highlights for travellers in Cáceres province beyond the capital include the historical town of Trujillo, Monfragüe National Park, and the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe.

Map of Cáceres province

Badajoz is Spain’s largest province. Its capital city is also called Badajoz and has a population of just over 150,000. Other highlights for travellers in Badajoz province beyond the provincial capital include the World Heritage City of Mérida, Medellín’s Roman Theatre and La Jayona Mine.

Map of Badajoz province

Extremadura areas

To help you navigate Extremadura’s travel destinations, I have divided the region into twenty-eight areas – sixteen in Cáceres province, and twelve in Badajoz province.

All the areas are displayed on the map below. Each area is highlighted with a coloured pin indicating the location of the largest destination in that area.

Clicking on a pin will reveal the area, the largest destination in that area, a place of interest and a link to the area travel guide (if available).

All twenty-eight travel areas are also listed in alphabetical order below.

Areas in Cáceres province

Campo Arañuelo
Las Hurdes
La Vera
Monfragüe and surroundings
Sierra de Gata
Sierra de Montánchez y Tamuja
Sierra de San Pedro
Trasierra-Tierras de Granadilla
Valle del Alagón
Valle del Ambroz
Valle del Jerte

Areas in Badajoz province

Campiña Sur
Lácara-Los Baldíos
La Serena
La Siberia
Olivenza area
Sierra Grande – Tierra de Barros
Sierra Suroeste
Vegas Altas del Guadiana
Zafra-Río Bodión

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